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Welcome at the Heart of Partnership
At Tonga Schools, we understand that impactful change is rarely achieved alone. Our commitment to bridging communication for plurilingual families is made possible through the support and collaboration of organizations and institutions that share our vision. These partners play a crucial role in our journey towards a more language inclusive educational landscape.
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The Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Multilingualism (APAM), also known as Multilingual Café is a non-profit association under the 1901 French law which was founded in 2010. APAM counsels plurilingual families on their language strategies as well as trains educators on multilingual education. The association creates tools for families and educators. It helps installing multilingualism in all strata of society. Living in peace and harmony implies the respect of the languages and cultures of the others. Valueing all the language, we defend the right to get information and education in a language you can speak. APAM defends the right of the use of the mother tongue for children to be educated in language they can undesrtand in accordance with Article 30 of the Convention of Children’s right – November 1989.
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IMIB e.V. is a non-profit organization established in Freiburg, Germany, in 2016. Our mission is to raise the awareness for the values of cultural and language diversity by the process of globalization and social change. We are also committed to advocating on behalf of plurilingual children and families in Germany and to develop diverse educational programs to address their special educational needs. Our activities include multilingual workshops for children, courses and counseling sessions for parents, trainings for teachers, action days and conferences, volunteering projects to support refugees and “new families” within the German educational system, as well as a digital platform to promote local programs focused on heritage language education.
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iFALL, a volunteer-based organization founded in 2013 in Sweden, aims to promote cultural integration and reduce intercultural violence. They achieve this by empowering individuals, facilitating multicultural interactions, fostering social networks, and providing education at different levels. Activities include language cafes, sports events, adult and youth projects, seminars, and conferences, all using non-formal education methods.
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Red Íncola

Red Incola is a foundation created to help people at risk of social exclusion, especially migrants. Its strategic interests include the comprehensive accompaniment of people in vulnerable situations, awareness-raising and citizen participation, and volunteering. Over the years, Red Incola has had a significant impact helping thousands of people in the fields of employment, education and social integration, with the aim of improving the lives of vulnerable people and defending their fundamental rights so that they can live with dignity.
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The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus), located in Pyla, Larnaka, offers a distinctive Cypriot and British educational experience, validated by both the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and the UK Quality Assurance Agency. Affiliated with the 150-year-old University of Central Lancashire in the UK, UCLan Cyprus provides a double degree recognized across Europe. Despite Brexit, its academic operations remain unaffected. UCLan Cyprus focuses on developing future business leaders and international entrepreneurs by blending academic excellence, practical experience, and modern relevance to prepare students for success in the global job market.

For Families

Discover the tools produced by Tonga Schools specially dedicated to multilingual families which help to facilitate communication and create a Tonga Schools Network.

For Schools

Discover the tools produced by our partnership and specially designed for schools and their staff to help facilitate communication and become part of our Tonga Schools Network.