Tonga Schools Project

Overview of Our Erasmus+ Initiative
Delve into the heart of our Erasmus+ project, where the pursuit of fostering inclusivity and effective communication is our guiding star.
Tonga Schools Connecting Plurilingual Families

Project Objectives

Our project is to bridge the communication gap between plurilingual families and schools, ensuring that the communication barriers are dismantled and understanding flourishes. Our primary objectives include enhancing cultural integration, supporting educational engagement, and promoting unity among diverse communities.
Tonga Schools Connecting Plurilingual Families

Scope and Reach

Our Erasmus+ initiative extends its influence across borders, impacting not only local communities but reaching out to international partners who share our vision. Through our collective efforts, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change that transcends geographical boundaries.

Project Timeline

Tonga Schools - Start of Project

October 2023 – Start of Project

The project start in October 2023 with interviews of school staff and plurilingua families to know what is missing in their communications. We aim at helping that communication for the well-being and success of the children at school.

Creation of an E-Learning Platform

We will create an e-learning platform where school staff will learn about multilingualism, the development of plurilingual children and how they can better communicate with plurilingual families.

Tonga Schools - E-Learning Platform
Tonga Schools - Booklets for Parents

Booklet for Parents

We will write booklets that parents can fill in. They will be able to talk about their languages and cultures and how they matter for their families. They will be able to use those booklets to register their children at schools and communicate with them.

Parent’s Cafés

We will set up Parents’ Cafés in schools – a place within the school boundaries where parents can come and discuss about their children’s formal education.

Tonga Schools - Parent's Cafés
Tonga Schools Network

September 2026 – Launch of Tonga Schools Network

We aim at having schools endorse the tools and become Tonga Schools – we will then have a network of Tonga schools sharing the same tools and values.

Our Tools

Here are the tools that we have specially created for you.

Tonga Schools Connecting Plurilingual Families

Booklet for Families

Empowering Families for Success

Our ‘Booklet for Families’ is a powerful guide for multilingual families, offering tips on language education, school communication, supporting your child’s learning, and understanding the education system.

Tonga Schools Connecting Plurilingual Families

E-Learning Platform for School Staff

Empowering Educators for Inclusivity

The ‘E-Learning Platform for School Staff’ improves educators’ skills to support diverse students, fostering cultural understanding and encouraging reflection on personal language attitudes.

Tonga Schools Connecting Plurilingual Families

Parents’ Cafés

Bridging Conversations, Building Connections

Parents’ Cafés: Gatherings at school for open dialogue, collaboration, and building relationships between families and schools. Join in to support your children together.

Tonga Schools Connecting Plurilingual Families

Tonga Schools Network

Connecting Communities, Celebrating Diversity

The ‘Tonga Schools Network’ connects families and educators, offering resources, support, and collaboration for welcoming educational environments.